Stefan Voglsinger, Daphna Horenczyk & Jolyane Langlois | Soluble Dream

When the world goes to hell, and there's only things you cannot see, every layer gives another taste on the shore of dystopie.
3 stranded creatures - heavy flies within their beginnings dry, their wildest dance on silverbutton hormon lash begins to fly.

Daphna Horenczyk is a dance artist based in Vienna. Born in 1987 in Tel Aviv, Israel, Daphna started dancing at the age of 15. She graduated from the professional dance training program in Kibbutz Ga’aton. After one year of working as a dancer and rehearsal director, she moved to Salzburg to study in SEAD both in the performance and choreography programs. During her studies, she created 3 pieces which had toured in Germany and Israel.
Since 2012 Daphna is choreographing independently for stage and for film. Her work was presented in various venues and festivals in Israel and Europe, such as MASH, Intimadance and Suzanne Dellal Center (IL), No Ballet, PAD Mainz and Schwere Reiter (DE),  MAAT (PL), the National Theater of the Faroe Islands (FO) and more.  In addition, she is performing as a dancer for choreographers such as Ceren Oran (TR/DE), Amanda Pina (CN/MX/AT), Andrea Bozic (HG/NL), Anne Juren (FR/AT) and Ariel Cohen (IL) as well as many other collaborations.

Jolyane Langlois is a Canadian dance artist newly based in Vienna. 
Originally from Montréal, she started her dance education at the University of Quebec in Montréal and graduated from the professional training program at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2012. She worked with renowned Canadian company Dancemakers for two consecutive years.
Independently, she has performed and developed works with a number of well established Canadian choreographers such as Amanda Acorn, Allison Cummings, Jennifer Dallas, Aria Evans, Catherine Gaudet, Emmanuel Jouthe, Viv Moore, Eroca Nicols, Jillian Peever, Simon Renaud and visual artist Thom Sokoloski.
She also danced for Antony Hamilton (Australia), Doris Uhlich (Austria) and Brendan Fernandes (New York). Jolyane is a company member of Social Growl Dance and embarks regularly on international tours with the Canadian company Corpus. She is one of the four founders of Open Fortress, an all-female powered Toronto dance collective focusing on immersive site-specific performance.

Stefan Voglsinger is an improviser and performer based in Vienna/Austria.
He studied drums, music & movement pedagogy and sound for films in Cuba. Voglsinger focuses on interdisciplinary experiments and works with sound and image, developing performances or audiovisual installations including selfbuilt or hacked electronic circuits. This leads to many collaborations with different artists and collectives in Austria and abroad as well as projects including film, dance and theatre. At Setzkasten Wien he modifies analog film projectors, works in the darkroom and the sound studio. As a curator he organizes regularly exhibitions, concerts and gives Circuit Cooking soldering workshops in schools, associations and festivals.



ARCHIV: 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2018


Ausstellung: 20.3. - 29.3.
Echoraum, Sechshauserstraße 66, 1150 Wien
geöffnet an Performance-Tagen ab 18 Uhr und auf Anfrage!

Sabina Hyoju Ahn | Gabriela Gordillo | Davide Bevilacqua & Veronika Krenn | Götz Bury | David Moises | Clemens Niel |
Stefan Nussbaumer | Patrick Topitschnig | Winfried Ritsch &
Josef Schauer
| Stefan Voglsinger & Patrizia Ruthensteiner |
Daniela Weiss aka Litto & Patrick K.-H. | Zorka Wollny &
Christine Schörkhuber

Performances & Workshops:
Einlass 18 Uhr, Beginn Echoraum 19 Uhr, Beginn Mutzenbacher 22:30

Tag I | 20.3.
Vehikelperformance Abfahrt 18 Uhr, Echoraum (bicycle liberation front, Uli Kühn, Philip Leitner, Elena Tiis, Chris Veigl, Dominik Painsi, Stefan Voglsinger und Conny Zenk)
Echoraum: Sabina Hyoju Ahn | Jakob Schauer, Maria Koller, Maria Hera & Julian Gamisch | Raumschiff Engelmayr
Mutzenbacher: Music selected by selected musicians

Tag II | 22.3.
Echoraum: Birgit Ulher | Michael Fischer & Sophie Reyer
22:30, Mutzenbacher: Szenische Lesung (Maria Koller aka Chora Malik, Denise Palmieri & Gilbert Waltl)

14 Uhr Echoraum: Workshop Autarke Klänge (Uli Kühn, Ulla Rauter, Stefan Voglsinger)

Tag III | 27.3.

15 Uhr, Echoraum: Workshop Autarke Klänge (Winfried Ritsch & Josef Schauer)
Vehikelperformance Abfahrt 19 Uhr, Echoraum
ca. 20:30, Echoraum: Workshoppräsentation | Artist talks
22:30, Mutzenbacher: Clemens Hausch | Sinan Ilhan

Tag IV | 29.3.
Echoraum: Das erste Wiener Mehrwegensemble | Floris Vanhoof
22:30, Mutzenbacher: Stefan Voglsinger, Daphna Horenczyk & Jolyane Langlois | Czirp Czirp