noid, Klaus Filip | Sonic Luz

the comeback of the optosonic synthesizer

expanded cinema live performance using the technology of optical sound-on-film Inspired by many forgotten historical instruments based on the principle of optical sound, noid and klaus filip developed an instrument using printed sound information on rotating discs.
Sound through motion, sound by Moving Pictures, a mesmerising transformation of light into music. All the essential parts are put on a table, to perform in an open traceable setting, projecting the image of the optical sound creation directly on a screen. The machine is constructed to provide maximum flexibility and the possibility for haptic interaction on all the parameters of the tone production. By moving the lamps, the toneweels and the light sensors on the table, or changing the discs, the composition of the sounds is manipulated, quickly and intuitively.
The machine has no interior that could possibly be hidden, everything is laid open for the audience and generates a performative aspect of great beauty. While the main focus for the performers is on the musical composition, the projected images refer to "cinéma pur" works by Hans Richter, Kurt Kren and Oskar Fischinger.
The setup is striking simple: some lights, rotating tone wheels and light sensors - all in front of a canvas.





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